What You Need to Know Before You Sue Your Dealer

aerial view of a car dealer

Having one or two cars has no longer been perceived as a luxury these days since almost everyone can afford them. With it being today’s people’s important need, it is always good to start a business in the field. Of course, it is one of the many ways to get big profits these days, and those car dealers seem to know what to do to make good use of the phenomenon. However, such conditions are not without any problems. Sometimes, an issue can escalate between a dealer with a customer, whether it is about the quality of the manufactured products or another substantial thing.

a woman buying a car from a man

When the customers feel that they do not get the quality that they deserve, it is important to know that they have the right to take things into courts. Of course, everything needs a legal lawyer-backed action. However, it is essential to remember that having the ability to call a lawyer and sue your dealer means that you also need to have sufficient knowledge about the claim. Thus, below are the things you need to know before you decide to take the legal steps against your dealer.

Lemon Law

two men shaking handsIt is relieving to know that the government has started to take the customers’ rights seriously by pronouncing the Lemon Law official. The term refers to a situation where the law guarantees the car buyers’ satisfaction by stating that those buyers have the right to get the best quality products only. Then, everything becomes much easier now to hire a lawyer and help them sue the manufacturers whenever they fail to give their customers a nice lemon, another way to refer to the four-wheeled vehicle.

The process includes assisting the clients to find the right attorney, having several in-depth discussions with them, and advocating the claims against the company. When they win the case, the dealer needs to buy back the products or give the customers the same items. This way, getting a bad-quality product will no longer give you a headache.

The Substance of the Case

Having the full support from the government to claim your rights as a customer does not always mean that you can take every single matter to your lawyer. It is indeed crucial to measure the substance of the case you are dealing with. Having car accidents is one of the examples. If you think that the accidents happen because of the quality of the vehicle, not because of your own recklessness, then it is the time for you to call your San Antonio car accident lawyer and start filing the lawsuit.