Factors in determining child support

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The law requires that both parents provide adequate support for their children. This is required until any of the following happens: the child turns 19, is not a high school student, dies, becomes legally emancipated, or marries.

Couples that get separated or divorced, it becomes difficult to determine the support the child should be warranted. However, this is achieved by using complex mathematical formulas. Moreover, the court takes into account a lot of factors to determine the required child support amount. Fortunately, you can find websites that can calculate child support for 2018 free of charge. You should keep the following things in mind:

Calculating child support

Parent’s income

This is the most important factor used to determine child support. The court takes into account incomes of both parents. In fact, the gross income is weighed from both parents.income child support 23

Number of children

The expenses go high as the number of your children increases. The court will consider the number of children and come up with a formula to accommodate the number.

Primary residence

Usually, when it comes to child custody negotiations, one parent is the primary caregiver. This is considered when determining the required support. Also, the place the child will live most of the times also dictates the parent who gets the larger percentage of support.

Medical needs

Healthcare of the children is also an important factor when it comes to calculating the amount of child support. This is the case if the child has a chronic illness, disability, or genetic condition.

Non-primary visitation time

If you are considered a non-primary caregiver, your commitment to utilizing visitation rights is taken into account. The court will have to examine the amount of time a parent spends with his or her children.

Visitation travel expenses

You should note that visitation requires funds. Thus, if the distance or time between children and parents is considerable, visitation will be expensive. This can also be considered by the judge to calculate a fair child support amount.child support 23325

Miscellaneous income

Most people earn income from a broad range of sources. The judge will want to see all these sources. They can include cash payments, governmental assistance, trust funds, stocks/bonds, seasonal work, and self-employment.

The above are some of the factors that are used to calculate child support. However, depending on the case, other factors may be considered. It is advisable to contact a law firm that handles child custody and family issues for consultation.