About Us

A gathering of friends who share a love of gardens and a desire to raise awareness about the reality of modern slavery

Juliet Sargeant

Garden Designer with a special interest in how gardens can contribute to the health and well-being of individuals & society

Charlie Hart

Gardener, Garden Writer, Designer and Modern Slavery Campaigner

Michael Galvin

Board member in Anti-Human Trafficking organization and Fundraiser

Mirabelle Galvin

Garden lover, Modern Slavery Activist and Incurable Fanatic

Inger Woodcock

Event Organiser, Gardener and descendent of abolitionist Sir William Pepperel

Kristy Adams

Artist, Anti-Modern Slavery Group Chairman and former Conservative Party Area Chairman

Saskia Peill

Mother to three young daughters, Singer and Artist

Colleen Theron

Environmental Lawyer and Consultant in the Modern Slavery Act compliance with transparency in supply chain

Sophia Taut

Business Psychologist and Research Assistant

Jono Van Deventer

Musician, Computer Engineer and Social Media Professional

Justin Blake

Teacher, longterm Social Campaigner and Host for Anti-Human Trafficking conference

Andrew Philip

Photographer and Visual Storyteller working for Tearfund

Pippa Chesire

Founder of Twos Company Pearls and Host of Woman 2 Woman inspirational speakers

Amy Sargeant

Aspiring Documentary Film Maker

Rich Awbery

Gardener, Modern Slavery Campaigner and Investment Professional

Professor Gary Craig

Anti-slavery writer, activist and researcher at WISE,University of Hull and Durham University.

David Corbett

Think Tank Researcher, Campaigner, Aspiring Writer

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